GSX 2020 Innovative Product Awards


Early Bird Rate: $1900 (5 February 2020 – 15 May 2020)

Regular Rate: $2600 (16 May 2020 - 10 July 2020)


1. The manufacturer or service provider entering the contest must be a contracted (paid) GSX 2020 exhibitor, in good standing with ASIS International (ASIS).

2. Only products, services, and technologies that have not been entered previously into the Innovative Product Awards (formerly Accolades) and have come into the marketplace after 1 January 2019 are eligible. 

3. Each entry must be submitted online and paid in full (by credit card) at the time of submission. Entry fee is per submission and is non-refundable. There is no limit to the number of entries per exhibitor. 

4. By entering the competition, entrants grant ASIS permission to use the entry and images of the entered product(s) or service(s) in print and online promotional materials produced by ASIS. Your entry will appear on the website, the mobile app, and other promotions associated with the show. 

5. The Innovative Product Awards recognizes the security industry’s newest, most innovative products, services, and technology solutions. Modifications and redesigns will be accepted on the basis that significant improvements have been implemented to the submission. 

6. Award winners will be selected based on level of innovation, unique attributes, and what benefit the product or service brings to the security industry.